– Quality –

From initial idea to final product

It is our aim to always exceed our customers’ expectations on quality.

– Design –

Inspiring Fashion

With Unbeatable value for money

– Sustainability –

Fair and sustainable fashion

That is affordable to all

What We Do

fabrics_2Ploreo has always been about being the best in the market. We offer clothings that are wide-ranging and varied for women, men, teenagers and children.

Our goal is to provide inspiring fashion with an unbeatable value for money.

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Principles of Our Work


Our aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations when it comes to matters such as function, durability and safety.


Our goal is to create long-lasting supportive relationships with our relationships with our suppliers


Attention to quality and safety begins at the design stage and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process.


At Ploreo we know that creating a healthy planet means first ensuring an environmentally conscious business environment.